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    Caves and specific karstic landscapes represent a strong asset for tourism even though valorisation is heterogeneous in Europe. They have a rich and fragile biodiversity, crucial water ressource issues, some interesing cultural and natural heritages. Thus, karstic areas meet both important preservation and valorisation challenges. These matters are not often adressed globally.Protection laws exist in some countries, someties dedicated to caves, sustainable valorisation approaches are emerging but managers still lack knowledge, resources and means to handle alone integrated approaches.
    Our project will design & implement joint strategies to help cave managers and karstic area managers to sustainbaly develop their heritages, by :
    – improved knowledge of the functionning of underground environments and their ecosystems with the development of a common methodology for documentation of caves, or even the experimentation for more efficient measuring instruments
    – sharing information by setting up tools for data processing and by organizing exchanges and capitalisation activities on the acquired know-how or the evolution of pratices
    – the development of managing support tools such as a frame of reference about conservation, protection, management and valorisation of subterranean heritages based on the analysis of good practices or the creation of training modules and digital tools to support caves management
    – testing new ways of mediation using digital technologies
    We’re looking for different kinds of partners in each countries : universities and research laboratories, touristic caves managers, natural protected areas managers as national parks, underground users like speleological societies, territorial public authorities. For the moment the project joins Italians, French, Slovenian, Croatians partners. It will be present to later european fund project calls, in 2018.



    Good evening Tindari Nebrodi is a sicilian consoetium of 13 municipalities, located in provice of Messina. Sea and mountains are characteristic of this area. Webread your project and are very interested to participate as Partner. We have already managed this Programme in the past as Applicant with positive results. Please send an email







    We are very interested in partnership in this project, because our organization SEEP operates in Vlore, Albania, a coastal city where natural resources are numerous. Our town has mountain, water and sea tourism. The karst caves are numerous and they carry different stories. This made the caves this summer to be visited by a large number of local and foreign tourists. Our organization has carried out hundreds of environmental activities and has implemented dozens of projects focusing on the environment and sustainable tourism development. Our organization consists of 1630 members, where over 70% of them are young and the information, education and concrete activities in nature we cover very well. Also, in our organization we have a large number of environmental experts who can carry out studies or experiments in specific areas. We also have experience in database records that are made available to interested parties.
    So you can contact us by email
    Simo Ribaj, SEEP Chairman

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