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    Dear potential MED partners,
    We are interested in participating in project proposals under Axis 1 Innovation.
    Confindustria Veneto SIAV S.p.A.,, is the Service Agency created by the Provincial Associations and the Industrial Federation of the Veneto Region, involving ca. 11.000 companies, mainly SMEs. It deals mainly with vocational, technical and economic training of entrepreneurs and employees, as well as with regional, national and transnational projects and studies in order to foster innovation and business competitiveness of SMEs at local and European level.
    SIAV has a strong and long experience of about 15 years in managing EU project in different sectors and it is recognised as a primary organisation, with a expertise in relationship between HVET Centers and the economic stakeholders. It is a continuing training body accredited by the Veneto Region. The Knowledge&Innovation Unit, which represents the Innovative Projects area of Confindustria Veneto, aims at identifying and transferring development opportunities for enterprises, playing an intermediary role between R&D centers and the academic environment and companies.
    Recently, 5 Erasmus + projects in which SIAV is involved (2 as LP and 3 as co-beneficiary), have been approved ( KA1 – VET Staff Mobility and KA2 Strategic Partnership) by the Italian and Spanish Managing Authorities.
    The fields of study and application are extremely varied, ranging from the development of Lifelong Learning Strategies, to the study of the techniques of Age Management; from the development of cohesion instruments amidst companies of the North and South of Italy in order to support the mutual potential development in productivity and employment of SMEs; the study of the relationship between processes and organization in SMEs; the diffusion of innovation to increased creativity.

    Over the last seven years, SIAV has developed concepts and methodologies to support innovation of SMEs by starting the testing of research methods and interventions identified now with the brand “knowledge factory” that is declined on three variables:
    1. Direct observation of the changes taking place in the Veneto enterprises and economic fabric;
    2. Analysis of the drivers of change and innovation;
    3. Transferring of content analysis in order to support improved organizational innovation.

    Under the ESF framework, SIAV is now implement a specific project, called “Innovation broker”, aiming at developing a specific and recognised professional figure with task of facilitate the linkage amidst companies (any dimension but especially SMEs) and Business Incubators, Scientific and Technological Parks, Universities and Research Foundations.
    As SME, Confindustria Veneto SIAV S.p.A. is interested in participating as co-beneficiary Partner in a Project Proposal under Axis 1.

    For any other information about SIAV expertise, please see: and
    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information on SIAV expertise:
    Kind Regards,

    Federico Crivelli
    Knowledge&Innovation Unit
    Tel.: +39 041.2517511 – FAX: +39 041.2517573

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