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    Priority Axis 1: Promoting Mediterranean innovation capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth

    Brief description of the project: The main purpose of Easy Waterfront is to encourage economic growth and sustainable development of urban areas boosting coastal and marine economy. We intend to promote interactions and cross-fertilization processes between institutions, enterprises, research institutions and citizens in order to develop a proactive system able to cope the challenges posed by the complexity of modern society and, at same time, to solve the major endogenous weaknesses. To achieve this objective, we will foster the implementation of a pilot project designed to impact on the productive system, the labour market and on the current urban and environmental policies.
    First name: Enrico
    Last name: Vellante
    Name of the organisation: 012factory
    Type of organisation: Company or other economic operator
    City: Caserta
    Country: Italy
    Email: enrico.vellante@012factory.it
    Phone number: +39 3939473336
    Skype contact: enrico.vellante
    Website: http://www.012factory.it


    Kebjana Haka

    I am writing to you on behalf of the Research and Development Centre, UET Centre established in Albania and I would like to express the interest for a possible of partnership as IPA partner.

    UET Centre, as affiliated partner of the European University of Tirana, is already participating in different projects funded by the European Commission. Following the requirements of the call, UET Centre has an extensive experience with the local authorities in the eligible areas in Albania, which could express their interest to join our proposal.

    In the meanwhile, UET Centre is has successfully finalized the NetCastle Project “Network creation and promotion of castles”, under IPA Greece-Albania Programme 2007-2013, aiming the emergence and promotion of a common cultural product in the cross-border region to boost tourism industry with the use of new technologies and e-tourism.

    For further information please visit : http://www.uetcentre.org. You could contact me kebjana.haka@uet.edu.al


    Tayrne Butler

    Dear Enrico,

    I am writing to you from AnySolution, an SME based in Mallorca, Spain and experienced in EU project Management.

    We are writing to you on behalf of the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce because they would be interested in becoming partners in your project.

    If you are interested in their participation please get back to us ASAP so we can help with anything you need for the project.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    Tayrne Butler


    Dear Enrico,

    The province of Granada (Southeast of Spain) has a coast 30 minutes away from the main city. Relation between coastal and inner lands are very important for developing such 2 areas and the province as a whole.

    Therefore your project could be interesting for us.

    I write you from the Delegation of Employment and Sustainable Development of the County Council of Granada. It is a local public administration and the provincial government that represents 172 municipalities.
    One of our departments is devoted to give several kind of support to enterprises, mainly SMEs in our territory

    We have great experience in the implementation of European projects, as leaders and partners, in the framework of most of European Programmes, INTERREG EUROPE, MED and SUDOE among them.

    We will be glad to receive further details about your proposal in order to consider it.

    If you think we can collaborate, please contact us:

    Trinidad Manrique de Lara Vílchez
    European Projects Office
    Delegation of Employment and Sustainable Development
    Mail: trinim@dipgra.es
    Tel.: +34 958 804947

    Kostis Terzis
    Kostis Terzis

    Dear Enrico,

    Representing the Municipality of Skyros Island (www.skyros.gr), Greece, as its technical consultant and EU programs responsible person, I hereby inform you about our interest in your project. In case there is mutual interest from your side, please provide me some further information on kosterzis@mese.gr.


    Tayrne Butler

    I am sorry, our email is projects@anysolution.eu

    Thank you

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