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    NAVTEC partner in blue growth or green growth project

    NAVTEC Sicilia s.c.a.r.l. is a Cluster of Shipbuilders, Universities and Research Centers based in Sicily, founded in 2008, and counting more than 40 partners, among which 10 SMEs operating in the naval sector as shipbuilders and the big international player FINCANTIERI. NAVTEC as Cluster managed and is managing projects with high technological contents among which an innovative hydrofoil, a low carbon emission vessel and solution for implementation of fuel cells onboard, as well as for water treatment in harbours and onboard. NAVTEC is recognizing the importance of enlarging the spectrum of action, and is willing to seek international cooperation in ongoing projects and future improvements expressed by the partners as technological concepts.

    NAVTEC is actually managing, either as a partner or project leader, 6 projects funded by the EU through the Italian Government or the Sicilia Region, and gained all the necessary experience in dealing with co-funded projects and operating in a complex scenarios.

    NAVTEC is interested in joining a project which will deal with blue growth, in particular we can bring a solid contribute to proposals in Blue Energy, Smart and greener fishing, maritime surveillance. On top of this, we have strong knowledge we can share on Renewable energy, Energy efficiency and waste management applied to maritime environment.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us for further info.



    CLAND, Digital and Audiovisual Cluster in Andalusia, Spain, would like to be a partner in a project related to the Priority Axis 1: INNOVATION: Promoting Mediterranean innovation capacities to develop smart and
    sustainable growth.
    We are a business Cluster in the CCI in the southern region of Spain, Andalucía, and we have experience in EU and National funded projects. We believe, as well, in creative spillovers and cross sectoral innovation based on open economy and we have developed and worked on agricultural and tourism in collaboration with CCI based innovation models.

    We are made up of a group of companies. Our main objective is to foster cooperation between different entities in order to create innovative projects and develop new business models surrounding the digital contents industry sector.
    We believe, as well, in creative spillovers and cross sectoral innovation based on open economy and we have developed and worked on agricultural and tourism in collaboration with CCI based innovation models.
    Furthermore, we are in contact with many local authorities, businesses and public bodies.
    Our mission and vision are clearly defined by the following ten principles:
    Competitive Cooperation, for which our cluster will be the spokesperson in talks with institutions and other sectoral organizations, which may link up horizontally or vertically.
    Knowledge Society: we strive to become cutting-edge and innovative.
    Internationalization of the industry search for new markets in which we can play an important role.
    Lead, transform the sector in Andalusia in order to achieve further development of the digital and audiovisual sector with a comprehensive vision.
    Empower Andalusian business projects, within our sector that have become a reference in the national market and progressively in the international market.
    Boost competitiveness of our business network, our partners and the Cluster.
    Promote cooperation within a sector that is not integrated in terms of strategies and not united under one umbrella.
    Strengthen business alliance in the sector with other external businesses.
    Use technological innovation, as a means to achieve our goal.
    R+D+I, as an engine for future growth
    As stated before, we are available for participating in Priority Axis 1: INNOVATION: Promoting Mediterranean innovation capacities to develop smart and
    sustainable growth.
    I look forward to hearing from you,


    Dear Mr. Panfiglio,

    I’m contacting you on behalf of Creative Business Solutions. We think that a potential partnership with CBS would be both fitting and complementary.

    CBS, Creative Business Solutions is one of the most experienced consulting and project implementation organizations located in Tirana, Albania. CBS is a business consulting non-for profit organization that provides consultancy and implement solutions for local entrepreneurs, organizations, donors and financial institutions. Founded by professionals with national and international advanced expertise and extensive knowledge in projects implementation, CBS provides valuable and effective services generating economic growth for businesses through financial consulting and entrepreneurial capacity building in developing economy sectors, marketing and business development. We have strong expertise in social innovation in Rural Areas, SME’s and startups, green economy, Innovative Software Development, traditional and high quality of agro-food integrated chains, renewable energy.

    CBS’s previous experiences include large and complex projects with the main aim increasing economic growth as well as technical and business solutions offered mostly in agriculture, SME’s and financial field. CBS is a key partner with U.S. Agency for International Development USAID, and has on-going project implementation relationship with USAID through a number of strategic projects both locally and in the Balkan region.

    CBS also works with a number of distinct international organizations including, GIZ, Swiss Corporation/ Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Cooperazione Italiana and has a well-established institutional working relationship with local government authorities such as Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Urban Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Water Resources, AIDA (Albanian Investment Development Agency). Also, CBS has partnership with largest banks in Albania such as: ProCredit Bank, Intesa SanPaolo Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Credins Bank, and National Commercial Bank (BKT).

    We have some ideas for a proposal in Clean energy Solution (CES). The proposed CES is a solar PV powered water pumping and irrigation System in the south region of Albania in the agricultural value chain. The system will consist of a solar panel array, electrical motor, submersible and/ or surface pump and battery for storing electricity. The irrigation system in the fruit tree orchard in this region is mostly in place, and it is drip irrigation system in order to save water resources. Implementing such system will reduce the dependency from fossil fuels and the dependency from grid connectivity that in rural areas is accompanied by a lot of disruptions of electricity. The energy used will be clean energy and there will be a reduction in GHG emissions. This system is suitable for the farmers because it has low labor and maintenance costs and has a long life (20-40 years).

    Our proposed solution will help farmers to use energy and water resources better and in more effective way.
    It is forecasted (together with the farmers) that by implementing such system the products (fruit and vegetables) quality will increase and the productivity as well. This will bring increase of profits for farmers, decrease of operative costs, development and long-term sustainability.

    Should you be interested in a potential cooperation please contact to us at: fotjona.tace@cbs.al and info@cbs.al so we can discuss the collaboration in more detail. Attached please find an organizational brochure which lists some of our project experience. Also,for more information about us please visit our website: http://www.cbs.al

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    Kebjana Haka

    I am writing to you on behalf of the Research and Development Centre, UET Centre established in Albania and I would like to express the interest for a possible of partnership as IPA partner.

    UET Centre, as affiliated partner of the European University of Tirana, is already participating in different projects funded by the European Commission. Following the requirements of the call, UET Centre has an extensive experience with the local authorities in the eligible areas in Albania, which could express their interest to join our proposal.

    In the meanwhile, UET Centre is has successfully finalized the NetCastle Project “Network creation and promotion of castles”, under IPA Greece-Albania Programme 2007-2013, aiming the emergence and promotion of a common cultural product in the cross-border region to boost tourism industry with the use of new technologies and e-tourism.

    For further information please visit : http://www.uetcentre.org. You could contact me kebjana.haka@uet.edu.al

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